Only pay when you sell!

 FREE setup and installation - No initial outlay!

 Pay as you sell - We charge a low % per transaction to cover ALL* costs

Fully hosted and integrated with Merlin


Running a business is complicated enough without adding more uncertainty. That's why we keep the pricing structure simple. E-commerce is included with every Retail and Venue package bought with Merlin®, FREE OF CHARGE.

How do we make money?

We install and set up our e-commerce and ticketing store for free, in return we ask for a very low percentage per transaction. We don't handle any of your cash, we merely invoice monthly for the value of transactions processed through Merlin®. Unlike most of our competitors, who charge between 5 and 10% as well as set up fees, the Merlin® costs are considerably lower than this, allowing you to make the most from your on-line business.

As we don't take the payment from your site on your behalf, you will need to set up your own Merchant account and any costs associated with that, typically a small monthly charge. This ensures that you are in complete control of your own money and have the safety and security of an online payment processor.

* Excluding merchant account setup, card processing and any external costs outside of our control.

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