Experience the power of Merlin Online

This is Merlin Online, a totally integrated solution that is provided free with every Merlin retail management and venue system. Allowing you to sell your stock online, in real time. With the ability to sell Tickets AND products online in the same transaction, increasing your turnover is now easier than ever.

Fully hosted and integrated with Merlin

Ticketing and retail made easy!

The time when purchasing a new e-commerce and on-line ticketing system meant spending thousands of pounds is firmly in the past. The Merlin Business Management Solution now ensures that you have the freedom to sell what you want, when you want and how you want.

How is this achieved? Merlin now offers a seamless, integrated solution that works with Merlin Back Office to give you the power to publish tickets, events, memberships and products (including clothing using the in-built size/style matrix) with the touch of a button. No duplicated data and no difficult entry systems. Just create your product or offering, tick the box that says "show online" and bingo you're up and running. This event, promotion or product will immediately appear in your web site 'shop'.

By utilising Merlin you now have the option to sell tickets, or products or BOTH at the same time, allowing you to piggyback product sales on the back of event tickets (and vice-versa), improving your add-on sales, increasing your profit margin and broadening your customer base.

Can you use Merlin Online?

If you are a visitor attraction that would like to sell tickets for events or general entry, then yes we can. Here are just a few different types we offer:

  • Museums & Gallery
  • Gardens & countryside
  • Boats, Trains & Cars
  • History & Heritage sites
  • Theme Parks
  • Play Centres
  • Animals and Wildlife
  • Sightseeing tours
  • Restaurants
  • Film, Theatre and Music
  • Sports Venues
And many more... If you're still unsure feel free to call or message us using the form below and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.

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