Customisable portal, competitively priced

Time and Date selection

Set specific dates or date ranges with set quantities easily online.

Access to your data

All data and customer information is yours to do with as you wish, no extra charges.

Fully Designed

Sell VIP's, Adult, Child, and many more.

Barcode Scanning

Merlin comes with a range of Apps designed to scan and redeem your tickets quickly and easily.

Branded Website

Select from templates and use your colours and logos or have a full site designed to your specification.

Lightning fast

Sell quickly online 24/7 and redeem even quicker with our in house technology.

Automate your booking process

Get Paid faster

You use either ours or your own payment gateway and get paid on a 7 day rolling basis.

Queue busting

Get people through the door faster with our redemption apps. Happy customers, happier staff.

Seated Arenas

Seated Arenas Coming later this year, sell individual seats at market beating prices. Contact us here to register your interest.

Delegate badges

With our apps you can scan tickets and print delegate badges automatically on arrival.

Gift aid

We collect all the information and comply with all HMRC regulations making it easy for you to claim online.

White label website

Make your site stand out from the crowd with your own fully branded website!

Site Builder

Futureproofed ticketing software


Collect membership details from your customers, ready to send out their uniquely bar-coded membership cards.

Mobile Barcodes

Save on paper and postage with Merlin. We e-mail PDF tickets instantly with each user being able to login to their own account and show the tickets on their smart phones.

AA Compliant

If you have one event but don't want everyone to arrive at once, sell multiple time-slots with Merlin Tickets. Each can have its own unique quantity to help you plan ahead.

Manage sales from anywhere


See and export all of your customer’s data with ease. All the data you collect is yours and fully customisable, we will never charge extra for your customer data.


See sales by day, week, month or year and see a running total, all in real time.

Attendance forecasting

Use our diary function to see who's arriving on what day so you can plan ahead.

FAQ: Pick your sector

Zoos, Farms & Wildlife Parks

Gigs and Festivals

Museums, Galleries & Heritage Sites

Conferences and Exhibitions

Tours, Guided Walks & Boat Trips

Theme Parks, Piers and Attractions

Bars, Pubs and Nightclubs

Special, Seasonal and One-off events

Paintballing, Go-Karting and Experience booking

See how easy it is!

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Pricing options

Online Only

  • 2.5% invoiced monthly
  • No upfront cost for templates
  • Payments through STRIPE 1.4% + 20p

Tablet Based

  • Used for large single events
  • 2.5% invoiced monthly
  • No upfront cost for templates
  • Payments through STRIPE 1.4% + 20p
  • 8 Inch Tablet and scanner package
  • £95 per week per package

Fully integrated

  • Used for busy visitor attractions
  • 2% invoiced monthly
  • No upfront cost for templates
  • Full till & back office stock integration
  • Payments through Worldpay 0.8% plus a monthly fee
  • Toshiba touch screen tills
  • Powerful reporting functions with Merlin 8

Or call us on 01226 294413 to speak to one of our team